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Lezooka is licensed under Lezooka LLC: 2023-001304383, operating from its office in Wyoming.

34 N Franklin Ave Ste 687 2430
Wyoming, United States 82941
(855) 743-1091
Mon-Fri 09:30am-06:30pm EST
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Our Technology


personalized profile for your marketing needs

As a real estate professional, establishing a strong online presence is vital for attracting potential clients.

Our CMS platform allows you to create a compelling profile, showcasing your unique skills and knowledge to prospects. With an SEO-friendly profile system, you can increase your online visibility and make a strong first impression.


user-friendly interface

Our CMS provides a centralized location to track profile updates and incoming leads, ensuring you never lose track of important opportunities. This game-changing tool streamlines your workflow, allowing you to focus on building relationships with prospects and customers.

The actionable data it offers frees up more time for other vital aspects of your business.


easy lead management

Our CMS empowers real estate professionals with effective lead and prospect management options. With an easy lead management system, tracking the status of active prospects becomes effortless.

Designed for all experience levels, our CMS is user-friendly and intuitive, offering customization options to manage leads seamlessly and elevate your business.


Add, view and edit prospects with a single click.


property listings

With our user-friendly CMS, creating and publishing property listings is effortless. You can have your listings up and running in no time. Our extensive and diverse network ensures your listings reach a wide audience, attracting potential clients from all over.

Trust our proven track record of success, and be confident that your listings will be seen by the right people at the right time.


listing tracking

Our CMS dashboard is an invaluable tool for realtors, simplifying the tracking and updating of listings. With a few clicks, you can send updates to potential buyers, edit property details, and change status.

The intuitive filtering system allows you to quickly find listings that match your specific criteria, be it property type, location, or price range.

You can also view detailed analytics about your listings, including how many views they've received, how long they've been on the market, and more.


get to know your audience

Lezooka’s CMS is a game-changer that benefits businesses of all sizes and industries. Its constantly updated statistics ensure you stay on top of potential opportunities and reach new prospects effectively.

By understanding how your profile attracts prospects, you can optimize your content for maximum reach and conversions.


agent bio writing

Unlock the power of captivating storytelling that highlights your skills, achievements, and passion. Our skilled writers will create a bio that resonates with clients and sets you apart in the competitive real estate landscape. Step into the spotlight with an agent profile bio that truly represents you.

Why Opt for Agent Profile Bio Writing?

First Impressions Matter: Leave a memorable mark on potential clients.
Engagement: Compel clients to connect and choose you over the rest.
Time-Saving: Focus on what you do best, while we craft your narrative.


ad design for listings

Unleash Your Listings' Potential with Ad Design For Listings! Capture attention with tailor-made visuals that reflect each property's uniqueness. Our designs highlight key features, compelling buyers to take action. Elevate your marketing game and entice buyers like never before. Transform ordinary ads into extraordinary sales tools and boost conversions with Ad Design For Listings!

Why Choose Ad Design For Listings?

Distinctive Appeal: Make your listings impossible to ignore.
Engage Buyers: Showcase property highlights effectively.
Brand Enhancement: Elevate your agency's image.
Quick Turnaround: Get eye-catching ads promptly.


listing description

Elevate Your Listings with Compelling Description Writing! Transform lackluster text into a persuasive narrative. Our skilled writers craft descriptions that evoke emotions and highlight unique property features. Stand out in a sea of listings with descriptions that shine. Elevate your marketing strategy and close deals faster.

Why Opt for Listing Description Writing?

Irresistible Allure: Capture buyers' imagination effortlessly.
Engagement: Keep buyers hooked with enticing property stories.
Time-Efficient: Save time while getting impactful descriptions.
Higher Conversions: Turn browsers into eager buyers.


HDR editing

Are your property photos not doing justice to your listings? Elevate your property images to a whole new level with High Dynamic Range editing. Watch as dull photos come to life with vibrant colors, enhanced details, and a true-to-life representation of your properties. Witness a surge in buyer interest and quicker sales.

Why Choose HDR Edits?

Capture Attention: Stand out in a sea of listings with stunning visuals.
Wow Clients: Impress potential buyers with lifelike property images.
Professional Edge: Showcase your listings like never before.

virtual staging

Say goodbye to lackluster showings and hello to jaw-dropping visuals that leave a lasting impression. Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly adds stunning furniture and decor to empty spaces, creating a compelling and immersive experience for potential buyers. Revolutionize your real estate game! Elevate your listings today for a brighter tomorrow!

Why Choose Virtual Property Staging?

Stand Out: Make your listings shine in a crowded market.
Sell Faster: Engage buyers and close deals swiftly.
Cost-Effective: Save on physical staging without compromising on aesthetics.


virtual assistant

Are you juggling endless tasks and falling behind? Say hello to your secret weapon: Virtual Assistants! Imagine having a dedicated assistant to handle appointments, listing management, lead follow-up and more, while you focus on sealing deals and growing your business. Experience unparalleled efficiency and elevate your real estate game. Don't miss this opportunity to work smarter, not harder. Get your virtual assistant today!

Why Opt for Virtual Assistants?

Maximize Productivity: Delegate routine tasks and free up your time.
Cost-Efficiency: Assistance without the overheads.